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23 Jun 2018

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets In Winter – Is It The Best Time ?

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets in the Winter – Is It The Best Time?


Warmer weather means windows open, music turned up, while the deep cleaning of your home happens.  Fresh air equals a fresh home.  Although this may feel like the ideal time to clean your home from top to bottom, spring is definitely not the only time you should consider steam cleaning your carpets.  It is recommended that steam cleaning your carpeting be done at least once a year.  Annual cleaning will rid your home of allergens and dirt.  Regular cleaning will also greatly extend the life of your carpeting.  Should steam cleaning your carpeting be added to your spring-cleaning list or is there a better time of year to have it done?


Anticipating holiday parties and company it is likely that you will be cleaning your home from top to bottom during this time of year too.  The winter season is actually one of the best times to have your carpets steam cleaned.  Not only will it help you prepare a clean home for your guests, but there are a lot of additional benefits for you and your home.  Colder, dry temperatures outside actually mean quicker drying times for your carpets.  The moisture from your carpets after being cleaned will be quickly absorbed into the air inside.  Who knew having your carpets cleaned could also be a free humidifier for your home?


It is essential during the winter months to think about protecting your carpeting.  The increased amount of time spent inside means higher potential for stains and accidents to occur.  The water, mud, and salt that is tracked inside your home during this time make the carpets dirty and worn.  Steam cleaning the carpeting will prevent these from settling or making it more difficult to remove in the future.


Wintery, cold weather means you and your family will spend A LOT of time indoors with the windows shut tight. Kids and pets will be spending most of their time during these months lying, relaxing, and playing on the floor.  The allergens from spring and fall and all of the high traffic dirt from the summer has settled into your carpet and upholstery just in time to spend lots of time indoors. The beginning of winter months is the best time to clean your carpets and rid your home of all of the build-up that has accumulated in your carpeting.  This will provide you with cleaner, healthier air within your home especially during a time of year that you spend the most time inside breathing it in.


Because spring is typically associated with cleaning, carpet-cleaning companies typically have the most business during this time.  You are likely to have quicker service and potentially even a decreased price during the winter months.


There is never a bad time to have your carpets steam cleaned, however, during the winter months you will benefit from healthier indoor air, faster booking times, AND clean carpets.  Looking to have your carpets steam cleaned?  JDR Carpet Cleaning will provide you with exceptional service.

26 Feb 2018

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23 Nov 2017
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