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We have been steam cleaning carpets in the Capital since 2005

It is a well-known fact that carpets provide a wide range of benefits for any home or office. Namely, they add style and beauty, improve indoor air quality, prevent and soften slips and falls, provide comfort and warmth and reduce noise. However, in order to use these benefits for a long time, you must take proper care of your carpet.

Regular vacuuming certainly contributes to proper carpet maintenance, but the fact is that; using occasional help of a professional carpet cleaning service provider, like JDR Carpet Cleaning, really goes a long way to extending the life of your floor coverings.

JDR Carpet Cleaning provide eco-friendly, professional and affordable carpet cleaning services.

We rely on eco-friendly cleaning methods that guarantee that your health and the health of your family won’t be affected in a negative way once we are done cleaning.

JDR Carpet Cleaning operates in all suburbs of the Canberra ACT region.

JDR Carpet Cleaning is a family run Carpet business with more than 15 years of experience in the field of carpet cleaning.

Over these years we have helped thousands of carpet owners and thanks to our hard and efficient work we were able to create a huge base of loyal clients.

Thanks to our attention to detail and the use of green cleaning products, we have grabbed the attention of modern people who are looking for the best way to extend the lives of their carpets without harming the environment. These factors and our prompt service make us different than the others.

JDR Cleaning is fully committed to providing you, our respected and valued clients in Canberra, a high-quality service, backed by vast experience at the best possible price.

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Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaning Service in Canberra ACT
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The Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Service in Canberra for the last 12 years.

Jamie the Canberra Carpet Cleaner

Jamie Lovering


With more than ten years in the industry, there isn’t a stain that Jamie hasn’t seen or had to deal with. Usually busy on the road, leave a message with our client support team and he will be in touch just as soon as possible.

Rhiannon - Customer Care



Call Louise today to book your carpets or upholstery in for steam cleaning. Concerns? Questions? Call Rhiannon on 0421 151 248.

Richard Carpet Cleaner in Canberra

Richard Lovering Co-owner


Richard has been with the company for the last 6 years. Our expert when it comes to stain removal from leather upholstery.

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