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Everyone should be able to indulge in a glass of red wine without the worry that an accidental spill will permanently stain your carpet and lounge suites.

JDR carpet cleaning offers an extensive stain removal service. We can completely remove or reduce even the most stubborn stains. Even stains that are so old that you never thought they could bbe removed and had resigned yourself to them just being part of the carpet.

Some of the stubborn stains we can remove or reduce

Red Wine Wax Blood
Blue tac Coffee & Tea Lip Stick
Nail Polish Mascara Ink
Paint Food Stains Chewing Gum
Rust Curry Urine

Are you moving out? Moving house? Think the landlord will keep some or all of your money because of dirty carpets?
Have you spent hours and days cleaning and now need your carpets done? We offer a professional guaranteed end of lease carpet cleaning service.
After steam cleaning your carpets we give you a detailed receipt indicating clearly what is and what is not fair wear and tear and our personal guarantee to satisfy any landlord. We guarantee all our work and if there are any issues with the carpet we will continue to work on it until the landlord is satisfied and you get your money back.


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