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Our prices are $30 Per Room with a minimum job of $90 ie. anything less then 3 rooms will be minimum $90
Please note that lounge rooms will often count as two rooms if it is bigger then a bedroom which they generally are no price difference on an empty or furnished job

Extras Price
Hallway $19
Walk In Robe $14
Study Room $25
Rugs $25
Landing Area $19
Stairs (More Than 6 Steps) $34
Stairs (Less Than 6 Steps) $14
Upholstery cleaning ie lounge/couch is $30 per seat section
Stain Protection ie scotchguard is $30 per room of carpet and $30 per couch seat section

For apartments we have costs as follows

Apartments Price
Gound floor No Charge
Elevator Access No Charge
1st floor $15
2nd floor $30
3rd floor $45
For every addidtional floor Extra $15

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